Laura Seclì

Scientific Illustrations of Cell Biology


I was born and raised in the heart of Salento, in the south of Italy. After high school, in 2009 I moved to Ferrara to study Biotechnology and I obtained a Bachelor degree. Then I moved to Turin and in 2012 I got my Master degree in Molecular Biotechnology. From 2012 to 2018 I performed a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and Oncology at the Molecular Biotechnology Center of Turin. Today I’m a Post Doc at the University of Turin thanks to the financial support of AIRC, the Italian Association for Cancer research. I have a strong educational background and work experience in cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology in vitro and in vivo systems. However, not only I love science, but also art. Therefore, during these years I developed a growing interest for scientific illustrations and I improved my abilities with design software tools, including Adobe Creative and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. And parallel to my postdoctoral research I started to work as scientific illustrator, combining my scientific background and practical research experience with my creative thinking and artistic attitude.
I strongly believe in the potentiality of art to efficiently communicate scientific ideas, concepts, and data and would be very rewarding helping people to transmit their knowledge to the scientific community.


University of Turin

2014 - 2018
PhD in Biomedical Sciences and Oncology

University of Turin

2012 - 2014
Master degree in Molecular Biotechnology

University of Ferrara

2009 - 2012
Bachelor degree in Biotechnology



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